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7 Best Medical Assistant Programs in Tennessee for 2019

Our Ranking Methodology

1) South College Ranking Score: 93.25

Locations: Knoxville

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Associate (18 Months)

Located at Knoxville, South College offers a 90-credit hour associate of science degree to aspiring medical assistants. On completion of this degree, you will be prepared to perform laboratory tests, clinical and administrative tasks, assisting physicians during examination and treatment of patients, upholding patient medical records, and conducting medical billing and coding.

If you enroll into this program after obtaining your MA certificate, then you can receive this degree in just 3-4 quarters.

Quick facts: In 2017, program retention rate stood at 85.54% and percentage of students who successfully cleared the certification exam stood at 84.78%.

2) Miller-Motte Technical College Ranking Score: 91.75

Locations: Chattanooga

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma (13 Months)

Miller-Motte Technical College provides medical clinical assistant diploma program at its campus in Chattanooga. The 50-week hybrid program requires you to attend classes on-campus and also involves online learning via audio-books, video-tutorials, e-books and interactive group discussions.

This course ensures you gain a thorough understanding of medical insurance billing, human anatomy, medical abbreviations, and all the other skills required to help physicians during examination and treatment of patients. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to take the CMA exam and seek entry-level positions in hospitals, inpatient facilities, outpatient facilities and other healthcare providers.

3) Cleveland State Community College Ranking Score: 90.50

Locations: Cleveland

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Associate

Located in Cleveland, Tennessee, Cleveland State Community College (CSCC) offers a 63-credit hour medical assisting program which is designed to prepare you for a career in ambulatory settings. You will participate in both hands-on training and classroom lectures to acquire knowledge of medical methodology, complex body structure and healthcare procedures which will enable you to effectively perform clinical and administrative duties under the direct supervision of a physician.

This course can be completed in four semesters. The first semester begins in fall and covers medical keyboarding and terminologies. During the second semester you will learn about office and administrative procedures and take advance courses in medical assisting. In the third semester, you will participate in clinical and lab training whereas fourth and final semester includes intro to electronic health records and practicum.

Quick Facts - In last 5 years:

Program retention rate stood at 93.64%.

86.21% graduates from CSCC cleared the CMA exam.

88.75% were successfully employed.

4) National College Ranking Score: 88.25

Locations: Bartlett, Bristol, Memphis, & Nashville

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Certificate (10 Months) & Associate (10 Months)

You can pursue a wide range of healthcare programs at National College. NC provides a 48-credit certificate program and a 96-credit associate degree for students interested in pursuing a career in medical assisting. Both courses are available with flexible day and evening classes and you will be mentored by career professionals.

In the certificate program you will learn basic clinical and administrative tasks required to assist physicians. You can transfer your certificate-credits to associate degree and further your knowledge in medical assisting. Upon completion of either one or both programs, you will be prepared to sit for Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam and thus brighten your employment prospects.

5) Ross Medical Education Center Ranking Score: 88.00

Locations: Johnson City & Knoxville

Accreditation: ABHES

Program Type: Certificate

Ross Medical Education Center is one of the leading allied-health schools in the nation. The medical assistant training program at Ross will prepare you to work in acute centers, labs, and patient care facilities. The entire training is divided into six independent modules:

Module 1: Intro to office lab, medical office procedures, medical terminology, physiology A, anatomy, and surgical asepsis & infection control.

Module 2: Assisting fundamentals, keyboarding, physiology B, and Urinalysis.

Module 3: Medicine administration, into to word processing system, medical terms and physiology C.

Module 4: Cardiopulmonary procedures, financial recordkeeping, basic mathematical concepts and physiology D.

Module 5: Medical insurance billing procedures, coding procedures, physiology E and specialty examinations and procedures.

Module 6: Basic office first aid, physiology F and professional growth and communication.

If you are a day student, you can complete this training in 30 weeks and evening students can complete it in 36 weeks. You will also be required to complete clinical practicum before your graduate. After completion of this program, you can take the Registered Medical Assistant certification exam and start your career in healthcare setting.

6) Chattanooga State Community College Ranking Score: 85.50

Locations: Chattanooga

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma (1 Year)

Chattanooga State Community College located in Chattanooga, Tennessee serves over 10,000 students annually and provides over $1 million in scholarships. The college offers a highly advanced medical assistant program that will prepare you for an entry-level position in healthcare industry with a strong emphasis on clinical, administrative and general physician office practices.

This 1,290-hour program is open for limited number of enrollments each fall and spring with flexible full-time classes and scheduled day and evening classes. The entire course is divided into three semesters; 450-hour first semester provides basic knowledge of medical terminologies and body functions, 450-hour second semester comprises of advanced medical calculations as well as lab training and a 390-hour third semester which includes 320-hours of medical externship at a local physicians’ office.

7) Fortis Institute Ranking Score: 83.00

Locations: Nashville

Accreditation: ABHES

Program Type:

With over 42 campuses across the nation, Fortis Institute offers medical assisting education at two of its Tennessee campuses – Nashville and Cookeville. The course trains you to perform clinical and administrative practices in the healthcare industry, maintain office and clinics of physicians and doctors, and liaison between patients and healthcare professionals to enhance the quality of care provided to patients. Upon completion of this program, you will be fully prepared to successfully get an entry-level job in hospitals, local clinics, and other patient care facilities.