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10 Best Medical Assistant Programs in Georgia for 2019

Our Ranking Methodology

1) North Georgia Technical College Ranking Score: 93.25

Locations: Blairsville & Clarkesville

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma (77 Weeks) & A.A.S Degree (24 Months)

North Georgia Technical College offers two medical assisting programs (Diploma & A.A.S) at its campus locations in Blairsville & Clarkesville. Main goal of both the programs is to train students in administrative and clinical procedures so that they can help physicians and other health practitioners run their offices smoothly.

Diploma: This is a five-term program and you will have to earn 54 credits to graduate.

A.A.S: This is a six-term course and you will have to earn 63 credits to graduate. You will take the same core courses as in a diploma program and additionally more general education courses.

* Admission to both the programs is limited and competitive.

*Both programs include the medical assistant seminar and externship which will provide you with a glimpse of what lies ahead in this career.

* Post program completion graduates of both the program can sit for the CMA exam.

Campus Wise Program Outcomes:

Blairsville Campus: 97% employer satisfaction rate, 100% graduate satisfaction rate & 98% CMA pass rate.

Clarkesville Campus: 98% employer satisfaction rate, 100% graduate satisfaction rate & 87% CMA pass rate.

2) Lanier Technical College Ranking Score: 91.22

Locations: Oakwood, Forsyth & Barrow (On-Campus & Online) - Dawson & Jackson (Night)

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate (2 Semesters), Diploma (4 Semesters), & A.A.S (5 Semesters)

To meet the fast-growing demand for medical assistants in the state of Georgia, Lanier Technical College is offering three programs at multiple campus locations.

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate: This 2 Semester course is offered at Oakwood, Forsyth, Barrow, Dawson & Jackson campuses. The course will train you in front office/administrative procedures such as scheduling patient appointments, answering phone calls and gathering patient data.

Diploma: This four-semester course is offered at Oakwood, Forsyth and Barrow. Classes are taught during the day and this program is for full-time students only. This course also includes an externship and prepares you with both administrative and clinical procedures.

A.A.S: This five-semester course is a full-time program and prepares you with knowledge and skills required to excel in a medical office. The only difference between the diploma and this course is that you will have to take additional general education courses. Transfer students with MA diploma seeking admission into this program should ensure the program they have graduated from is ABHES or CAAHEP accredited.

3) West Georgia Technical College Ranking Score: 90.18

Locations: Murphy

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma (47 Weeks)

West Georgia Technical College offers a 57-credit diploma course in medical assisting which can be completed in 47 weeks at its campus in Murphy. Admission to the program is competitive and the last date to mail your application is June 1st. The course will train you to become a multi skilled professional who can handle both administrative and clinical duties in a medical setting. Coursework includes anatomy, medical terminology, pharmacology, administrative procedures, medical insurance management, MA seminar and externship.

Post-graduation you can apply for a variety of position such as: medical assistant, transcriptionist, receptionist, insurance clerk, office manager, EKG technician & phlebotomist.

4) Ogeechee Technical College Ranking Score: 89.21

Locations: Statesboro

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma (5 Semesters), Medical Office Support Specialist Certificate (2 Semesters)

Affordable tuition, small classrooms, faculty with real-world experience & high job placement rate are some of the benefits of pursuing your education at Ogeechee Technical College located in Statesboro. Currently for aspiring medical assistants there are two options:

Diploma: This 1440-hour program prepares you for various allied health positions such as a medical office assistant, medical secretary, medical receptionist, clinical staff and laboratory assistant. During this program you will learn both clinical and administrative procedures over a period of 5 semesters. As part of the curriculum you will also participate in a 270-hour externship at one of the 20 clinical sites located in Bryan, Bulloch, Candler, Chatham, Effingham, Evans, Jenkins and Screven Counties.

Medical Office Support Specialist Certificate: This 285-contact hour program will prepare you to handle all administrative related tasks in a medical office such as greeting patients, scheduling appointments, answering patient calls, interviewing patients and gathering data, managing medical insurance related work and adhering to medical office related laws and ethics. You can graduate in 2 semesters and enroll either in fall or spring.

5) Southeastern Technical College Ranking Score: 87.9

Locations: Swainsboro & Vidalia

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Medical Administrative Technician Certificate & Diploma

Southeastern Technical College currently offers 2 medical assisting training programs in Georgia at Swainsboro & Vidalia. Since several years graduates of these programs have been serving as valuable members of the healthcare team at the local hospitals, clinics and medical organizations.

Medical Administrative Technician Certificate: This is a short 2-semester program that will prepare you with knowledge and skills to efficiently perform administrative duties in a medical office.

Diploma: This 54-credit program will train you with skills and knowledge in both administrative and clinical procedures, so that you will be ready to work under a licensed physician in a medical office. To be admitted into this program you will need to first complete all courses offered in the Medical Administrative Technician Certificate program.

6) Atlanta Technical College Ranking Score: 85.3

Locations: Atlanta

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma (5 Semesters)

At Atlanta Technical College you can pursue a 5-semster medical assisting diploma that will train you with administrative and clinical skills required to start working in an entry level at a medical clinic, hospital or other health care setting.

As part of the training you will be participating in a 270 unpaid clinical externship at a local medical setting where you will work under the direct supervision of a physician or the practitioner. During the externship will be required to follow the rules and regulations of the medical setting and arrange for your own transportation.

*To graduate with this diploma, you will need to maintain a 2.0 GPA, complete all courses with a C grade or better and must sit for the RMA or the NCMA certification exam.

7) Augusta Technical College Ranking Score: 84.1

Locations: Augusta, Thomson, Waynesboro, & Columbia County Center

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma (16 Months)

Augusta Technical College at multiple locations in the state of Georgia is offering a 16 month diploma course in medical assisting. This is a full-time day program with fall and spring start dates. You will need to earn 54 credits to graduate and topics covered include basic math, anatomy, medical terminologies, basic computers, english, medical office procedures, insurance management, pharmacology, basic psychology and medical assisting skills. You will also participate in a seminar and undergo training in a medical setting as part of your externship to gain experience.

Start Dates: The following are campus wise start dates.

Augusta - Fall & Spring

Thomson - Fall

Waynesboro - Fall

Columbia County Center - Spring

8) Georgia Northwestern Technical College Ranking Score: 81.6

Locations: Floyd County & Walker County

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma & Associate

Georgia Northwestern Technical College at its campus locations in Floyd County and Walker County offers 2 MA programs for students interested to start off at an entry level position in a medical office where they will assist the physician or practitioner.

Diploma: Includes 19 credit hours of Pre-Occupational and 35 credit hours of Occupational Curriculum.

Associate: Compared to the diploma in this degree you will have to earn 28 Pre-Occupational credits. The Occupational Curriculum is exactly similar to the one in the diploma.

*Post-graduation from any one of the above programs you will be eligible to take the CMA exam.

9) Albany Technical College Ranking Score: 81.4

Locations: Albany

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma & Associate of Applied Science

Albany Technical College offers 2 courses in medical assisting, one is a 53-credit diploma and the other a 63-credit Associate of Applied Science Degree. Goal of both these programs is to train you with administrative and clinical skills required to efficiently run the offices of physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists, and other health practitioners.

The associate degree will take longer and includes 6 additional credits of general education courses and 3 additional credits of occupational courses compared to a diploma. Both programs will include an externship program at a local medical facility.

10) Oconee Fall Line Technical College Ranking Score: 80.3

Locations: Dublin

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Diploma (58 Weeks)

Oconee Fall Line Technical College at its campus in Dublin is offering a 54-credit Medical assisting diploma program that covers subjects such as human anatomy, medical terminology, basic computers, medical office related laws and ethics, pharmacology

medical office procedures, medical assisting skills and medical insurance management. The curriculum also includes a 3-credit MA seminar and a 6-credit MA externship.

You can enroll into this program either in the fall or spring semester and can complete it within 58 weeks if you attend classes as a full-time student.

Upon graduation you can apply for an entry level position in a physician’s office or outpatient clinic.