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Medical Assistant Schools in Florida

If you live in Florida and you are interested in a career in healthcare that does not require years of education but still offers a competitive salary and an excellent outlook, medical assisting may be right for you. As a medical assistant, you will perform clinical and clerical tasks to help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers give the best possible care to their patients. Below, we have ranked the top 24 medical assistant schools in Florida and provided you with pertinent salary and job outlook information to help you make the best possible choices about your future career.

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Why Should You Select an ABHES or CAHEEP Accredited Medical Assisting Program in Florida?

Because the medical assistant profession is growing exponentially across the state as more people require focused healthcare, employers increasingly seek candidates with outstanding credentials. Many will only hire those who have completed medical assistant programs in FL that are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAHEEP) or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), which are nationally recognized bodies that set high standards in education to facilitate excellence in patient care.

Following are the 24 Best Medical Assistant Programs in Florida for 2024

Palm Beach State College

Locations: Lake Worth

Program Type: Postsecondary Adult Vocational Certificate (PSAV) – 13 months

If you are interested in entering the medical assisting field, then Palm Beach State College’s certificate program that trains you in both the administrative and clinical functions can be given a thought. The coursework can be completed in 13 months and there are no pre-requisites as such to enter the program. Moreover, you will earn this credential without breaking the bank as the college is known for its affordable education, and also offers several financial aid opportunities for eligible students. The program entails completing 1,300 hours in didactic classes and experiential learning. Classes are offered on a full-time basis, during the day, so if you are currently working, you may require to reschedule your work hours. Post-graduation, you can take the CMA exam and become a certified medical assistant and also apply for the Basic X-ray Operator License through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and the Florida Department of Health.

Pensacola State College

Locations: Pensacola

Program Type: Certificate

Pensacola State College trains multi-skilled medical assistants to perform administrative and clinical duties. If you are organized, like interacting with people and have a compassionate demeanor, then by completing the college’s certificate program you can explore career avenues as a medical assistant, clinic manager or practice administrator. The curriculum entails completing 1,300 clock hours in courses that include basics of medical assisting, medical office procedures, administrative office procedures, pharmacology, EKG aide, laboratory procedures, clinical assisting, phlebotomy for a medical assistant and a clinical practicum at a local health facility. The training also includes practicing professional skills through simulation that requires you to apply theoretical knowledge to practice.

Keiser University

Locations: Clearwater, Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Miami, New Port Richey, Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, & West Palm Beach

Program Type: Associate of Science Degree

Keiser University is a medical assistant school in Florida that offers a comprehensive associate degree in medical assisting. With several Keiser campuses offering the program in the state, it becomes feasible to attend classes at a campus close to you. The curriculum, apart from medical assisting centric courses also covers behavioral sciences, communication, fine arts, and natural sciences to help you acquire a well-rounded skill-set. Keiser emphasizes on hands-on training by including two externship courses that help students easily transition from college to the workforce. To earn your degree, you must complete 60.5 credits with a minimum grade “C” in all the courses.

Orange Technical College

Locations: Winter Park, Avalon & Westside

Program Type: Certificate (1 year 2 months)

A successful medical assistant must be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and behavior to fulfill the back and front office responsibilities at a physician’s office. Orange Technical College’s medical assisting course trains you in patient examination, patient preparation for exams and procedures, recording vital signs, basic lab tests, phlebotomy, EKG, insurance process, and basic bookkeeping. After completing the coursework, you work at a local physician’s office or health care clinic to fulfill the 200 clock hours externship requirement. The program requires committing 29 hours each week towards attending classes and experiential learning. Post-graduation, you can advance your career by pursuing an A.S. degree at Valencia College, towards which, you can transfer six credits.

Daytona State College

Locations: Winter Park, Avalon & Westside

Program Type: Certificate (1 year 2 months)

To meet the growing demand for medical assistants in Florida, Daytona State College offers a certificate training program that boasts of an exceptional graduation and employer satisfaction rate over the last 5 years. Classes start in the fall semester and you can apply anytime throughout the year. The main goal of the program is to equip you with multiple skills to efficiently execute your job as a medical assistant. Courses in medical terminology, anatomy & anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, coding & billing, clerical and clinical for medical assisting, will make you proficient in the back and front office functions. Upon completion of this course, you will also be ready to take the CMA exam, although not a requirement in Florida, it will substantially enhance your employment opportunities.

Eastern Florida State College

Locations: Cocoa &Palm Bay

Program Type: Certificate (1 year) & Associate in Science Degree

Eastern Florida State College offers medical assisting education through its certificate and associate degree program. While the certificate will be apt to train you for entry-level positions in healthcare, the associate degree is suitable for those who aspire for higher education in the future. The curriculum is designed to teach you the administrative and clinical functions through didactic classes, lab simulation, and externship experience. It also includes courses in specialty areas of coding and billing, radiology, phlebotomy, radiology, and EKG. Upon completing all the courses, apart from the medical assisting credential, you will also receive certificates for phlebotomy, injections, electrocardiography, CPR, and AIDS.

7) Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Locations: Jacksonville

Program Type: Workforce Certificate, Technical Certificate & A.S.

Florida State College at Jacksonville offers three program options that are designed to help medical assisting aspirants reach their individual career goals. While the workforce certificate is typically meant for entry-level medical assisting skills in the front and back-office functions, the technical certificate is comparatively more extensive and in-depth and also leads to an associate degree, should you choose to continue with the program. On the other hand, if in the future you plan career advancement in nursing or any other health career, enrolling for the associate degree will be ideal as the coursework lays a firm foundation for you to build-up on your knowledge and skills. Regardless of the program, you will be well equipped with the clerical and clinical skills required to professionally assist a physician.

8) Southern Technical College

Southern Technical College

Locations: Auburndale, Brandon, Fort Myers, Orlando, Port Charlotte, Sanford, & Tampa

Program Type: Diploma (10 months) & A.S. (18 months)

Southern Technical College is a medical assistant school in South Florida that offers a diploma and an associate degree, training you in the administrative and clinical functions of medical assisting. Both the programs cover a broad spectrum of skills, from maintaining patient records to drawing blood, from scheduling appointments to preparing patients for a medical exam, all this, through didactic courses and practical training. Regardless of the program you choose, you can opt to enter either the day or evening schedule. The curriculum includes courses in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical procedures, pharmacology, introduction to electronic health records, and laboratory skills, preparing you to work in physician’s offices, hospitals, community health clinics, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories, and outpatient care centers.

Indian River State College

Locations: Fort Pierce

Program Type: Certificate (9 Months)

A career in the medical field offers bright prospects as healthcare professionals continue to be in increasing demand. Indian River College offers a quick entry into this field through its nine-month medical assisting certificate program. Admission into this program is selective and done on a first come first serve basis, so ensure you apply well within the deadline. The coursework is designed to make you adept at performing administrative, laboratory and clinical duties in a clinical setting. You will learn basic bookkeeping, minor surgical procedures, administering medication, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, EKG, scheduling appointments and filling insurance forms. Upon graduation, IRSC highly recommends students to take and pass the CMA exam to have an upper hand in Florida’s competitive medical assisting field.

Altierus Career College

Locations: Tampa

Program Type: Certificate (10 Months)

If you are looking for a medical assistant program in Tampa, then Altierus Career College’s certificate can be given a thought. The program covers courses in administrative and clinical functions, with on-campus classes, thrice a week and some classes offered in the online format. The college uses technology to effectively deliver its coursework, be it the state-of-art simulation lab, equipped with EKG machines or venous training arms or online teaching tools that help students and instructors interact closely. Furthermore, as a student of this program you enjoy several benefits offered by the college which include financial aid, mentoring by experts in the field, job shadowing with partners in the medical industry, resume writing help and interview advice.

Lake Technical College

Locations: Eustis

Program Type: Certificate (43 Weeks)

Lake Technical College, in its medical assisting program, emphasizes on three important components – knowledge, skills, and behavior. This 1300-hour program, over a period of 43 weeks will teach you both administrative and clinical skills such as patient appointment scheduling, medical transcription, insurance processing, EKG, drawing blood, medication & injection administration, exam preparation, recording vital signs and physician assistance. The 200-hour practical training, which is an important part of this program will provide the much-needed real-world experience. Program graduates are known for their career readiness, little wonder that 100% of them find suitable placements, soon after graduation.

Southeastern College

Locations: West Palm Beach

Program Type: Diploma (8 Months or 32 Weeks for full-time, 14 months or 56 weeks for part-time), Bilingual Medical Assistance Diploma (8 Months or 32 Weeks for full-time, 14 months or 56 weeks for part-time) & Associate (16 months or 64 weeks for full-time, 22 months or 88 weeks for part-time)

Southeastern College’s medical assisting program is offered as a full-time and part-time coursework. The coursework is designed to prepare you to successfully assist the physician as a multi-skilled assistant. A degree in healthcare is arguably a prudent investment of time and money and this program can prove to be a great entry point in this field as by completing it you stand eligible to take the CMA exam, in addition to the NHA’s certification exams for certified clinical medical assistant, medical administrative assistant, EKG technician, phlebotomy technician, patient care technician, electronic health records specialist and limited X-ray technician. Furthermore, this medical assisting college also offers an associate degree for those who desire in-depth training and a diploma, exclusively for Spanish speaking students.

Concorde Career Institute

Locations: Miramar, Orlando, Tampa, & Jacksonville

Program Type: Diploma (8 months)

Becoming a medical assistant in the Sunshine State can be an attractive career option, more so if you can complete it in a short duration. Concorde Career Institute’s diploma program in medical assisting can be completed in eight months and with four campus locations in FL, you can well, find a campus conveniently located near you. The coursework is comprehensive and covers both the clerical and clinical functions of an entry-level medical assistant. You will gain professional knowledge in medical terminology, medical front office procedures, venipuncture, EKS, laboratory diagnostic procedures and administration of medication. The college also provides an externship opportunity at local physician offices, where you gain vital real-world practical knowledge.

South Florida Institute of Technology

Locations: Miami

Program Type: Diploma (52 weeks)

Although a career as an entry-level medical assistant does not require formal education, completing a diploma program from the South Florida Institute of Technology will not only prepare you with professional skills but also make you eligible to take the national certification exam. Being certified, as such is not a requirement in the state, however, it will greatly enhance career prospects as most employers prefer to hire certified medical assistants. The program entails completing a total of 1,050 that span across 52 weeks. Along with didactic courses in the back office and front office functions, you go through simulation training at the college’s lab and an externship at a local clinical facility. The comprehensive coursework also includes classes in principles of radiography, phlebotomy, and electrocardiography.

South Florida State College

Locations: Avon Park

Program Type: Certificate (18 months)

To complete your medical assisting training in FL, you can consider South Florida State College’s certificate program that teaches a broad spectrum of administrative, clinical, and lab skills in 18 months. To earn this certificate, you must complete 1,300 hours in administrative and clinical courses, a seminar, and a medical assisting practicum. The curriculum starts with an introduction to healthcare and progresses to courses that teach you medical terminology, medical office procedures, insurance and billing, basics of radiography, pharmacology, and medical lab procedures. In the last term, you complete two courses that teach you EKG and phlebotomist technician skills. Upon completion of the program, the college encourages you to take the RMA exam and become a registered medical assistant. This credential is valued by employers as they increasingly seek professionally trained medical assistants.

Miami Dade College

Locations: Miami

Program Type: Certificate (1 year)

If you are searching for a school in Miami, to kick start a career as a medical assistant, or even as an X-ray, phlebotomy, or EKG technician, then Miami Dade College trains you in a year’s time with its certificate program. The college maintains connections with many local healthcare clinics, and this can prove to be beneficial for students as they gain real-world experiences at varied clinical settings during their externships. This program offers classes during the day and comprises of rigorous coursework that includes medical assisting and general education courses. You will learn about office management, lab procedures, emergency procedures, basic radiology, pharmacology and application of clinical skills.

Manatee Technical College

Locations: Bradenton

Program Type: Certificate (11 months)

If a career in health care interests you, then this medical assistant program in FL offers you a certificate that can be completed in 11 months. Manatee Technical College, through its rigorous training that includes theory and a 210-hour internship, boasts of a 100% placement rate. To earn your degree, you require completing 1,300 hours in coursework that covers areas of medical laws and ethics, medical office management, electronic medical records, patient safety, medical terminology, CPR and a host of other administrative and clinical duties. Upon completion of the program, you are eligible to take the certification exams for medical assisting, EKG technician and phlebotomy technician.

ATA Career Education

Locations: Spring Hill

Program Type: Diploma (10 Months) & Associate Degree (17 Months)

To train medical assistants in the state of Florida, ATA Career Education offers a 10-month diploma and a 17-month associate degree program. The college makes it convenient for working students to attend school by offering a choice of morning and evening class schedule. Moreover, with classes four times a week, you can squeeze in time for other commitments as well. Although most graduates prefer to complete the diploma and start working, some continue with the associate degree to gain a well-rounded education that can help them in the future, for pursuing higher education. Upon completing either one of these programs, you will be eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant Certification exam. Additionally, associate degree graduates will also be eligible to take the Phlebotomy Technician exam.

Florida Technical College

Locations: Cutler Bay, DeLand, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Orlando, & Pembroke Pines

Program Type: Diploma (11 months)

Florida Technical College’s medical assisting diploma is an eleven-month program that prepares you for a career as an entry-level medical assistant. The curriculum is designed to make you proficient in administrative and clinical duties carried out at a physician’s office. You take courses in medical ethics, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and basic clinical and lab procedures. Towards the end of the coursework, you apply the newly acquired theoretical and practical knowledge by completing an externship in a real-world clinical setting. What’s more, the college’s small-sized classes and an approachable faculty create a close-knit environment and make it rather easy for you to navigate through this otherwise demanding program.

Fortis Institute

Locations: Orange Park, Port St. Lucie, & Cutler Bay

Program Type: Diploma

As a high school graduate, completing a medical assistant program in Florida can help you set foot into the state’s promising healthcare field. Fortis Institute’s diploma in medical assisting can open-up entry-level positions at varied settings such as offices of physicians, optometrists, chiropractors, and podiatrists. The program takes you through clinical, administrative and computer duties that you be required to perform as a medical assistant. The college’s affordable education, in addition to various financial aid opportunities, helps eligible students reach their career goals without burning a hole in their pocket. Students receive guidance all along, beginning with admissions, through the program and even upon graduation the college’s career services stay committed to help graduates secure suitable placements.

Erwin Technical College

Locations: Tampa

Program Type: Certificate (15 months)

Erwin Technical College’s medical assisting certificate is a fifteen-month program that takes you through courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology, radiology, electrocardiography, pharmacology, phlebotomy, hematology, scheduling & book-keeping, computer software, application of computer software, and insurance & billing. The program is offered during the day and requires you to complete a total of 1,300 hours. While most graduates go on to work as entry-level medical assistants, some use this position as a launching pad for a career as a nurse or physician assistant. The 200-hour externship towards the end of the program provides for the real- world learning, helping you make the transition to the workforce a seamless one.

Sheridan Technical College

Locations: Hollywood

Program Type: Certificate (12 months)

Sheridan Technical is a medical assisting college in Florida that designs its coursework to teach students relevant skills required to run a medical office. By teaching clinical and administrative functions through theory and practice, students become competent to fulfill duties such as managing patient records, billing, scheduling, answering, taking patient histories, and performing lab tests, EKGs, phlebotomy, and administration of medication. The total 1,300 hours that you must complete, includes a 200-hour externship experience that allows you to apply the newly acquired knowledge in a real-world setting. Upon completion of the program, you stand eligible to take both, the CCMA and RMA exams.

23) Daytona College

Daytona College

Locations: Ormond Beach

Program Type: Diploma (40 weeks) & Associate of Science (70 weeks)

If you are currently working and looking at securing a career in the healthcare field by enrolling for an online medical assisting program, then Daytona College offers you two options with its diploma and associate degree. Alternatively, if you prefer face-to-face instructions, the college also offers on-campus classes with the choice of day and evening schedules. The curriculum covers the clinical and administrative functions of medical assisting, teaching you to record vital signs, patient scheduling, drawing blood, administration of medication, handling of insurance and billing and maintaining electronic health records. While the diploma can make you adept for this career, the associate degree further expands your knowledge by including general education courses. As a diploma graduate, should you plan to continue your education, you can transfer credits towards the associate degree and save considerable time and money.

First Coast Technical College

Locations: Saint Augustine

Program Type: Certificate (44 weeks)

First Coast Technical College’s certificate is a job-ready medical assisting program that requires completing a total of 1,300 hours. The curriculum includes courses in front and back functions, x-ray procedures, EKG and phlebotomy, and lab procedures. The college maintains strong partnerships with community healthcare facilities such as Azalea Healthcare, FM Medical Urgent Care and island Doctors, to name a few, where students practice medical assisting skills and often go on to find placements. Prospective students who are currently in the 9th or 10th grade of their high school can opt for dual enrollment and complete some pre-requisite courses at their current school. This gives them a head start at First Coast Technical as they can straightway start with the advanced medical assisting coursework.

Our Ranking Methodology

FAQs Answered

How Many Florida Schools are Currently Offering Medical Assisting Programs?


What are the 5 Best Medical Assistant Programs in Florida?

1) Palm Beach State College

2) Pensacola State College

3) Keiser University

4) Orange Technical College

5) Daytona State College

How Long is Medical Assistant School in Florida?

Program Type Program Length
Certificate 8 to 12 Months
Diploma 10 to 18 Months
Associate Degree Two Years

How Much do Medical Assistant Programs Cost in the State of Florida?

Program Type Program Cost
Certificate $2,220 – $25,490
Diploma $3,440 – $31,320
Associate Degree $8,590 – $38,610

Is Licensure or Certification for Medical Assistants Required to Work in Florida?


Options for Medical Assistant Certification in Florida

Certification Exam Cost Apply
Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) $125 Click Here
Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) $120 Click Here
Clinical Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA) $155 Click Here
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) $117 Click Here
National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA) $90 Click Here

Though certification is not a requirement to work as a medical assistant, employers in the state of Florida prefer to hire individuals with a CMA credential. Certification shows you have passed a rigorous examination that puts your skills and knowledge to the test. In order to apply for the exam, you must be a graduate of an accredited medical assistant program in Florida (or another state). Your CMA credential is valid for 60 months and you can recertify by passing the exam or by completing the required continuing education units.

Medical Assistant Average Salary in Florida

As a medical assistant in FL, you can earn anywhere from $24,700 to $41,960 a year based on factors such as the city in which you work, your employer’s facility, the amount of experience you have, and even the certifications you might have. The average medical assistant salary in FL is $32,870 a year or $15.80 an hour, and while this is just slightly less than the national average, it is still highly competitive.

TypeSalary RangeAverage Salary
Hourly$11.87 – $20.17$15.80
Monthly$2,060 – $3,500$2,740
Annual$24,700 – $41,960$32,870

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2019)

Average MA Salary Comparison: Florida Vs National

Florida National Difference

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

How Much More Do Certified Medical Assistants Make in Florida?

Average Salary Difference
CMA NON -CMA Number %
(Source: In-House Research)

Annual Job Openings for MAs in Florida

Each year in Florida, some 8,480 new and replacement medical assistant positions will become available. Most of these openings occur physicians’ offices and at hospitals in densely-populated areas such as Miami, but some openings expected in specialty clinics and in more rural areas, as well.

NewReplacementProjected Annual Job Openings (New + Replacement)
(Source: Careeronestop.org)

Top 6 Cities to Work as a Medical Assistant in Florida

Rank City Current Employment Hourly Wage Monthly Salary Annual Salary Annual Salary Range
1 Miami16,540$16.62$2,880$34,570$25,160 – $46,220
2 Tampa8,100$15.43$2,680$32,100$24,600 – $39,580
3 Orlando7,550$15.49$2,680$32,210$25,700 – $39,900
4 Jacksonville5,450$15.64$2,710$32,530$24,210 – $44,670
5 Port St. Lucie940$15.63$2,710$32,520$25,070 – $40,500
6 Tallahassee730$15.55$2,700$32,350$24,560 – $43,090
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

10-Year Job Outlook in FL

If job outlook is an important factor for you when it comes to choosing a career in Florida, medical assisting is a great option. Between the years of 2016 and 2026, employment growth for medical assistants will be 38%. This means that 19,600 new medical assistants will be required to fill positions in the state of Florida alone in this time, due in part to the state’s growing population and more widespread access to health coverage.

52,11071,71019,600+ 38%
(Source: Careeronestop.org)

Important Medical Assisting Organizations in Florida

1. Florida Society of Medical Assistants


The Florida Society of Medical Assistants exists to help facilitate and protect MAs’ scope of practice and advocate excellent and compassionate patient care. The group is affiliated with the AAMA and provides access to ongoing learning, conferences, workshops, seminars and other meetings to help MAs in Florida perform at their very best.

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