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6 Best Medical Assistant Programs in Arizona for 2019

Our Ranking Methodology

1) Pima Medical Institute Ranking Score: 97

Locations: East Valley, Mesa, Phoenix, & Tucson

Accreditation: ABHES

Program Type: Certificate

At Pima Medical Institute (PMI), you can opt for a 9-month MA training which facilitates flexible day and evening classes. As a day student, you can complete the coursework in 35 weeks and as an evening/night student, it will take 40 weeks’ time to complete the training.

This 34-credit training is divided into a prerequisite, 4 sequential coursework and a clinical practicum. Once you complete the first sequential coursework which includes office management, intro to insurance & coding and EHR, you can take other sequential courses in any order. Successful completion of this training will land you an entry-level position in healthcare setting.

2) Brookline College Ranking Score: 94.75

Locations: Phoenix, Tempe, & Tucson

Accreditation: ABHES

Program Type: Diploma (9 Months)

In Arizona, Brookline College offers a 39-week MA program at its campuses in Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson. This is 31.5-credit program requires 720 hours contact hours to complete the core coursework which comprises of, but not limited to, healthcare concepts, administrative and clinical procedures, pharmacology, lab testing and EKG’s.

Upon successful completion of this diploma program, you can take relevant certification exams and get your medical career started at a patient care setting, acute centers or physicians’ clinics.

3) Carrington College Ranking Score: 91.5

Locations: Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix North, & Tucson

Accreditation: ABHES

Program Type: Certificate

Carrington College offers a 1-year med assisting certificate at multiple campuses in Arizona. This program helps start your career in the medical field and execute the clinical and clerical skills acquired while pursuing your education. Carrington also provides financial support and career services to students of this program.

The coursework focuses on imparting knowledge in phlebotomy, venipuncture methods, diagnostic testing, communicative skills, maintaining medical records, and processing medical claims. Apart from this, you will also get to practice knowledge gained in real-world like setting during your clinical practicum.

4) Arizona College Ranking Score: 87.25

Locations: Glendale & Mesa

Accreditation: ABHES

Program Type: Diploma

Arizona College provides an extensive 30-week med assistant diploma training which also includes a phlebotomy program (blood drawing skills). This additional program will improve your employment chances at patient care centers. The core MA coursework consists of administrative and clinical procedures, utilizing medical instruments, lab testing, and the works.

After completing your coursework, you will undergo a 5-week clinical practicum. You will be able to complete this program in 3 academic quarters. The classes are available in both morning and evening sessions and a fresh session starts every 5 weeks. Upon graduation, you can sit for phlebotomist certification and RMA exam.

5) Central Arizona College Ranking Score: 84.5

Locations: Coolidge

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: A.A.S Degree

At Central Arizona College, you can enroll for the MA program every spring at its single peak campus (SPC) or every fall at superstition mountain campus (SMC). This 60-credit hour program can be completed in 5 semesters which covers arts & humanities, human communication, physiology, healthcare law, medical terminologies, administrative medical procedures, clinical practices and externship.

Upon graduation, you can sit for CMA test and successfully establish your career in healthcare field and work with physicians or doctors and assist them to run the clinic smoothly.

6) Pima Community College, Desert Vista Campus Ranking Score: 83.2

Locations: Tucson

Accreditation: CAAHEP

Program Type: Certificate

At Desert Vista Campus in Tucson, Pima Community College provides you an opportunity to enhance your medical assisting skills through a 27-credit certificate program which precisely focuses only on core studies in pharmacology orientation, physiology, anatomy, clinical and clerical procedures, medical billing & coding and front & back office clinical practicum.

Once you successfully earn this certificate, you will be fully prepared to sit for CMA or RMA exams and jumpstart your career in healthcare setting, ambulatory setting, or urgent patient care centers.